Wandering in Yemen

New Article: 8 Stories of Civilians Killed By US Drone Strikes in Yemen

“”A drone was hovering overhead all morning. There were one or two of them. One of the missiles hit the car. The car was totally burned. Four other cars were also struck. When we stopped, we heard the drone fire. Blood was everywhere, and the people killed and injured were scattered everywhere,” said Abdullah Muhammad al-Taysi in an interview with Democracy Now.

What al-Taysi describes here is not a gruesome scene from a war zone — it is a wedding that took place in the Yemeni city of Rad’a, a happy celebration that turned bloody, thanks to a strike carried out by a drone operated by the U.S. military. The attack resulted in 12 deaths, including al-Taysi’s son, Ali Abdullah Muhammad al-Taysi.

He wasn’t the first loved one to be killed by a drone strike, and he won’t be the last. We don’t know the exact number of civilians killed by missiles fired by drones, but up to 132 civilians may have been killed between 2002 and 2014.”

For the rest of the article at PolicyMic please click here.


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