Wandering in Yemen

Yemeni Press Round-Up 15/10/13

Hadi’s 14th October Revolution Anniversary Speech:

In a speech marking the 14th October South Yemeni Revolution against the British, President Hadi said that he will not allow change to be obstructed, and that the will of the people will make any rule that comes on the basis of tribalism or regionalism fall.

Hadi also spoke about the unity of the revolutions of the 26th September and the 14th October, and how this reflected the unity of Yemen. [Mareb Press]

Yemeni Film Shortlisted for Oscar:

The documentary Karama Has No Walls has been shortlisted for an Oscar in the short documentary category, reports Mareb Press. The film was made by Sara Ishaq and Ameen al-Aghbari, and documents the ‘Friday of Dignity’ massacre, when over 50 protesters fell on March 18 2011 at the hands of pro-Saleh gunmen.

AQ & Yemeni Officials Exchange Claims on Mukalla Base Attack:

Yemeni Official tells Reuters: al-Qaeda claims of a joint US-Yemeni operations room in Mukalla base are false; operations room in Mukalla for targeting piracy. [Masdar Online]

Herak Leader Proposal to Prevent Inter-Herak Clashes:

After clashes at the Herak ‘carnival’ to celebrate the anniversary of the 14th October Revolution, Herak leader Khaled Ba Madhaf has proposed several points to ensure that clashes between rival Herak groups do not happen again, including stressing non-violence, and an outright ban on pictures of Herak leaders at protests. I will refrain from comments about the irony of those who think the South will be better off in the hands of people who can’t organise a festival without different factions fighting each other, because it’s Eid [Aden al-Ghad].

Eid Mubarak! Armed Group Attack Checkpoints on Main Highway:

Sources told Masdar Online that an unknown armed group attacked several checkpoints on the al-Ayn intersection, where roads leading to Shabwa, Aden, and Mukalla meet.

Eid Mubarak! More Houthi-Salafi Clashes in Dammaj:

Mareb Press reports that three people have been injured after Houthi forces shelled Dammaj. There was no news on the Houthi official website, Ansaruallah.com, concerning the clashes.

Hadi Beats Future Hipster Tourists, Holidays in Socotra for Eid:

Personally slightly jealous of Hadi, as the President arrives in the Indian Ocean island of Socotra for Eid, presumably to forget about all the troubles in Sana’a as he gazes at the beautiful sandy beaches.

Hadi was greeted by an MP from Socotra, Saeed Salem Ba Huqayba, commander of the First Marine Infantry Brigade, Hussein Khayran, and various other local notables.

Funnily enough he’s staying in a hotel largely owned by the head of Yemen’s Che Appreciation Society, and former commander of the Central Security Forces, Yahya Saleh. [Masdar Online]

Faisal al-Mikhlafi Funeral:

Thousands took part in the funeral of Dr Faisal al-Mikhlafi, the brother of Sheikh Hamood al-Mikhlafi, a tribal sheikh who was one of the most prominent tribal leaders in Taiz to support the revolution in 2011, occasionally using force against Saleh’s forces.

Dr al-Mikhlafi was a professor of Political Sciences at Taiz University, and was killed near the university by armed men on a motorcycle.

The killing is being linked to a supposed tribal dispute between al-Mikhlafi and tribesmen from Marib, although Sheikh al-Mikhlafi denies this, saying that there is a ‘third party’ trying to instigate strife between Taiz and Marib, reports Masdar Online.

Meanwhile, tribal leaders in Taiz held a meeting to discuss the death, as well as the increase in violence in the city [Mareb Press].

Yemenis on Hajj Complain About Conditions:

Yemenis have been complaining about the conditions they are facing at Mina and Arafah as they embark on the Hajj pilgrimage. Pilgrims are saying that the Yemeni Ministry of Religious Endowments, which is turning more and more into a Yemeni Mafia the more I find out about it, has hired old coaches that are in a bad condition to transport them, that sometimes don’t even work. They have also been complaining that their camps are also not in a good state, with one pilgrim reporting there being 10 toilets for 3000 Yemeni pilgrims.

Masdar Online adds that the Ministry gets 8 million Saudi Riyals from Yemeni pilgrims that it is supposed to spend on their care in the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, whilst Mareb Press spoke of Yemeni officials being shocked at the conditions.


9 dead, 41 injured across Yemen on Sunday, as Eid holiday approaches [Masdar Online] … Separatists in Aden in solidarity with MSF after it was forced to close its offices in the city [Aden al-Ghad] … Yemen U19 football team qualify for Asian Cup after 3-0 victory over Maldives [Mareb Press] … National Museum in Sana’a robbed of precious items [Aden al-Ghad] … Traditional holiday governorates of Aden & Hodeida have assured Yemenis that they are ready for visitors (presumably without Sana’a number plates in Aden) [Mareb Press] … One million extra litres of fuel in Sana’a to shore up supplies [Mareb Press]


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